Bitchem Asphalt Technologies Limited is a new-generation road science & technology venture in the country promoted by SM Group, a leading business-house of NE Region with revenues exceeding 150 million USD in 2013. Since its inception in 2008, Bitchem has created an undisputed position for itself in the cold paving technology in the country by developing a highly motivated and performance-oriented team.

Bitchem promotes Green Roads(R) philosophy in the roads sector and encourages the usage of cold road paving technologies in the country for reducing carbon emissions resulting from the conventional black-topping practices, eradicating occupational hazards to workers and engage in environment-friendly construction practices yet providing durable and lasting road surfaces in the country.

The latest feather in the cap is the installation of the “Bitchem Knowledge Centre” near Guwahati, Assam, which has been set up with globally acclaimed European Technology for manufacturing engineered cold binders based on inputs from state-of-the-art R&D pilot plant.

Utilizing research exposure of CSIR-CRRI, the country’s premier road research institute, the Centre helps in designing solutions for well-graded, under-graded as well as marginal materials in rural roads and at same time delivers cold-carpet solutions for urban roads using mechanized process.

Bitchem has earned the distinct reputation of becoming the “Exclusive Licensee for Cold Mix Technology from CRRI” based on credentials earned over the last 5 years in delivering the cold paving technology to the country.
Bitchem has successfully delivered solutions for completion of more than 4,000+ Kms of coldmix® roads in different challenging locations of the country.

Come let’s pave Greener Roads, the Smarter Way!

Bitchem’s participation in Seminars and Collateral Events

How BitChem Overcame Industry Challenges
Initially due to lack of proper knowledge, people were averse to the idea of using the new Coldmix® technology. It wasn’t a cakewalk to convince the engineers, contractors to construct roads with it. However, since the World is more aware now, we made them understand that both business and environment can win from BitChem’s Coldmix® technology.

We trained a team of application engineers in Coldmix® technology who further trained and guided the site people to help in the construction of the roads. After understanding the concept, the site people found it extremely convenient to handle the products and construction progressed faster than normal using this technology. We thereby created a balance between the environment and economic concerns where being green became a catalyst for innovation, new market opportunities, and wealth creation.
The use of Coldmix® technology saves 1500 – 4000 liters of fuel per km which amounts to savings of 45 million liters for 30,000 km and 145.35 million kg of carbon footprints annually as per PMGSY program.

Today, BitChem has a long list of esteemed customers ranging from big corporates to budding startups. With full support from CSIR-CRRI & PWD, and being an exclusive licensee of CSIR-CRRI Coldmix® technology, BitChem has proved to be the ideal one-stop Coldmix® Solution Provider and devoted to present the clients its expertise, experience, loyalty and especially, the extraordinary experience of a smoother and safer ride, irrespective of their market rank.