Bitchem Advantages

  • BitChem is the only Road Science and Technology Organization engaged in environment-friendly construction practices.
  • BitChem is a CSIR – NEIST and IIT Guwahati evaluated and recommended the company.
  • It has a satisfactory certificate from Road Research Lab, PWD, Assam.
  • With a highly motivated and performance-oriented team, Bitchem occupies the undisputed position of a leader in the cold paving technology in India.
  • It has a huge pool of technicians who give application support on sites.
  • Today, it has experience of more than 4000 km’s of Coldmix® paving of rural roads in the last 5 years.
  • Bitchem is an ISO, ASTM, BIS certified company. It is NRRDA approved and working under the guidance of acclaimed agencies like IRC and AASHTO.
  • Bitchem promotes Coldmix®(R) philosophy engaging in environment-friendly construction practices providing durable and longer lasting road surfaces in the country.
  • A complete solution provider providing Recommended Coldmix® Design (RCMD) binder as per the condition of available aggregates.
  • A privileged member of BIS Bitumen committee PCD: 6 in Bureau of Indian Standards.
  • The product requires lower maintenance and delays in pothole occurrences due to the presence of anti-stripping agents in Bitchem Coldmix® binders.
  • It is versatile as a large number of grades of the emulsion are available.
  • Bitchem has an “Exclusive Pan-India License for Cold Mix product from CRRI” based on credentials earned for delivering cold paving technology year on year to the country.
  • It has state-of-the-art R&D plant with fully established Quality Control Laboratory.
  • The “CRRI-Bitchem Knowledge Centre” in Guwahati, Assam, has been set up with globally acclaimed European Technology that manufactures engineered cold binders.
  • Utilizing research exposure of CSIR-CRRI, the country’s premier road research institute, the Centre helps in designing solutions for well-graded, under-graded as well as marginal materials in rural roads and at the same time delivers cold-carpet solutions for urban roads using mechanized process.
  • BitChem was selected to present a paper in the 7th ISSA World Emulsions Congress in Lyon, France.

We are committed to offering our customers the best solution for road paving and the motorist the extraordinary experience of a smoother and safer ride!