The Green Roads® Mission was launched on October 10, 2012, by the Public Works Roads Department in association with Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) and BitChem. The objective of the mission was to leverage the socio-economic and environmental benefits of Coldmix® product for the rural and state roads, achieve sustainable development and help the country benefit from the prospective earnings of carbon credit under the CDM mechanism.

The Green Roads® Concept is a philosophy of promoting energy-efficient and clean construction practices in our country. It looks for opportunities to educate and promote such technologies among the road building communities and stakeholders like engineers, contractors, laborers, skilled workmen, technicians and the villagers/ communities who are directly or indirectly involved in creating and utilizing the assets created by the Central and State Governments in their localities.

Today, with more and more people getting conscious about the environment in which we live, it is imperative we use environment‐friendly technologies that deliver equivalent or better “quality of life” to the self and public. The CRRI – BitChem Coldmix® product is one such product that ensures zero pollution to the environment as it requires no heating of aggregate and binder. It is an energy efficient, eco-friendly and pollution free method of road construction which mitigates the carbon footprint and prevents adverse effect on the health of the workers. Additionally, it gives long-lasting roads that is economical while providing higher progress, faster connectivity, avoiding escalations while eradicating the need for subsidized fuel equivalent to 3375 million INR.

Today, this product is starting to touch the lives of every common man, be it the worker or the people on the street both at urban and rural spaces. It is giving us a cleaner environment with its Green Roads® and clearly proved to be a long term definite solution for climate change.