CRRI-BitChem Coldmix® Binder (Tailor made)

CRRI-BitChem Coldmix® Binder is a mix design based on tailor made bitumen emulsion. It has certain performance additives like anti-stripping agent and medium or medium & slow characteristics. It is used as a binder in Coldmix® product in various applications of road construction. The main feature of this Coldmix® binder is that it has been customized to use with the aggregates available from any source in India i.e. dusty aggregates, soil coated aggregates, clean aggregates, damp aggregates, pea gravel aggregates or the cal carious (lime mix) aggregates.

These binders are strictly manufactured following the specification of IRC: SP: 100 – 2014 to provide durable roads.

CRRI-BitChem ColdMix Binder