CRRI-Bitchem Knowledge Centre

CRRI-Bitchem Knowledge Centre (C-BKC) situated at Guwahati, Assam, has the globally acclaimed European Technology used for manufacturing engineered cold binders based on inputs from state-of-the-art R&D pilot plant. A visit to C-BKC is an incredible and enriching experience with a library that has a special collection of books and DVDs on modern road science technology. A person could take a guided tour of the processing plant and laboratory and get a feel of the engineering and technology that is behind the success of BitChem in India.
So, why don’t you plan a visit to the Centre! We guarantee you an experience you’ll remember. Please call 9435559826 or email at to book your visit.



BitChem has state-of-the-art asphalt laboratory to monitor the quality of the manufactured materials. In addition, world-class well-calibrated testing equipment prescribed by international consultants for rigorous testing has been procured and installed. Hi-quality and superior performance materials are regularly being developed on a continuous basis for providing increased road life and maintenance free pavements.

The Laboratory is aligned with a 2-tier production process, which starts from the laboratory test performance. Once the lab results match the specifications of the client agencies, we proceed with pilot batch plant tests. This further strengthens the accuracy of the results in the final product. After these two steps are complete, the Quality Control & Research Department advises the Production Department to go ahead with processing in bulk quantities. This unique facility is generally available with long-term players in this field who come up with every stage of plant up-gradation process.