CSIR – Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), a premier national laboratory established in 1952, is a constituent of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). It is engaged in research and development projects and provides technical and consultancy services to various user organizations in India and abroad.

It works on design, construction and maintenance of roads and runways, traffic and transportation, planning of mega and medium cities, management of roads in different terrains, improvement of marginal materials, utilization of industrial waste in road construction, landslide control, ground improvement, environmental pollution, road traffic safety and analysis & design, wind, fatigue, corrosion studies, performance monitoring/evaluation, service life assessment and rehabilitation of highway & railway bridges.

CRRI developed the Coldmix® product in the year 2007. The other technologies developed by CRRI are:

  • Process Technology for Harder Grade Bitumen VG-40
  • Elastomeric bitumen technology
  • Improved crumb rubber modified bitumen
  • Ready to use patching mixes
  • Technique for repair of cracks on bridge deck wearing coat
  • Profilograph
  • Unevenness indicator
  • Stopping distance method for measurement of surface friction
  • Development of new paving system for desert areas, among others

History of Coldmix® Product Partnership between CRRI & BitChem

  • CRRI develops laboratory and field case-studies in 2007.
  • BitChem starts field performance evaluation from 2008 onwards in Assam under NRRDA support.
  • In 2010, World Emulsion Congress held in Lyon, France invites CRRI & BitChem for the presentation of Coldmix® joint work.
  • In 2013, CRRI grants the Pan-India license to BitChem for scaling up Coldmix® product in the roads sector.