Modified Bitumen Plant

The Modified Bitumen Plant at our BitChem Manufacturing Unit is a 1, 20,000 MT plant which has the capability to process ordinary bitumen into 60-70 Bitumen, Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen and Polymer Modified Bitumen. The plant is a PLC controlled automatic unit with the world’s best technology to control rubber, polymer and additive dosage. The plant automatically stops in case of any dosage error and this helps in non-production of any hi-grade materials. The modified bitumen is recommended over hot mix as it provides superior road life when used in structural layers.


Emulsion Plant

The Bitumen Emulsion Plant is designed with the latest European Technology to meet the high demands of the modern emulsion industry. This plant has a daily capacity of 200 MT and an annual capacity of 60,000 MT. The in-line system provides great flexibility to the production phase. It produces all known bitumen emulsion types ranging from the simplest tack-coat to the high-tech slurry emulsion.

The different flows of bitumen water and chemicals are controlled separately and changed during production without any influence to each other. One of the biggest advantages of the in-line system is that the chemicals and water solutions do not need to be premixed. The process is done automatically during the production cycle for as long as it is required and without any breaks.