Vision and Mission

“To become a market leader in all our businesses with a group turnover of Rs 1500 crores by 2015”.

“To be a leader through innovation, commitment and strong values of corporate social responsibility that shall sustainably build lives of all stakeholders”.

Core Values

Building trust
We shall always fulfill commitments
We shall always be accountable
We shall always demonstrate responsibility to society and our environment

We shall always demonstrate equality in treatment of all our colleagues, customers, clients and vendors
We shall always demonstrate honesty in action

Commitment to quality
We shall always provide quality products and services
We shall always strive for excellence in all that we do

Continuous learning and growth
We shall demonstrate passion for learning at all times
We shall continuously improve through benchmarking with the best

Valuing relationships
We shall always endeavour to provide customer satisfaction
We shall always care for employees and business partners
We shall always nurture all stakeholders through responsible action
We shall foster teams through motivation at all times

Pioneering innovation
We shall always demonstrate entrepreneurial behavior
We shall take calculated risks to pioneer innovation
We shall always demonstrate strategic orientation in thought and action
We shall always focus on long term rather than short term
We shall always remain flexible and open to change