CRRI-BitChem Coldmix® Technology

The CRRI- BitChem Coldmix® product is field application of mix design based on tailor-made CRRI-BitChem Coldmix® binders. It is applied with the available IRC recommended aggregates through modified HMP plant or site mixing.

The product provides the entire value chain from laboratory mix design, the supply of tailor made cold mix binder and overseeing the entire mixing, laying & rolling activities through technical support and supervision services.

This Coldmix® product is the Intellectual property of CRRI. Under License of CRRI, BitChem Asphalt Technology has been promoting this product since the last 5 years. It has been constructing roads under PMGSY, State Roads and Annual Planning Scheme in North East India.

Today, this product has gained so much popularity and credibility that it has almost overcome the conventional hot mix technology. With thousands of kilometers of roads being constructed every year under National Highway Authority of India, NRRDA, State Highway in India and Northeast India, there is enormous potential for the use of this product in the construction of roads.

cold mix
cold mix

Advantages of CRRI – BitChem Coldmix® Technology

There are many advantages of Coldmix® Technology as listed below:

  • This is a 100% mainstream technology and can be adopted in all projects. It has 50%* higher surface life than hot mix technology as it contains anti-stripping agents.
  • It provides 200% faster progress per day using existing facilities.
  • It is 90% energy efficient, saving 1500 litres of fuel per km of construction which is equivalent to 4000 kgs of CO2 emission per km.
  • There is 0% Extra Capital Expenditure by contractors doing site mix.
  • It is a Green Technology as no heating of aggregate and binder is required emitting zero pollution.
  • It facilitates job creation absorbing one skilled technician every 10 kms.
  • This technology can be executed throughout the year permitting all weather construction whether rainy season and/or cold winters, except during times of inclement weather.* As per sample study conducted by CSIR-NEIST (Govt. of India Institute)

Benefits to the State

  • No adverse effect on the health of the workers.
  • Friendly to local women construction workers.


  • Higher progress, faster connectivity, avoids escalations.
  • Eradicates need of subsidized fuel equivalent to 3375 million INR.


  • Helps the nation save 1,500 liters of fuel per km amounting to 45 million liters and 145.35 million kg carbon footprints annually for 30,000 kms of road.

Cost Implication

  • Initial Cost of Green Roads® item to item is 10-15 % higher
  • And, 2-3% total project cost.

However, in the long run, it lasts 50% longer than hot-mix
Saving a minimum of 35 percent of the total cost

Overview of the Hot Mix Technology

  • Requires heating of binder at 170°C
  • Heating of aggregates at 155°C
  • Production of hot mix at 150°C
  • Laying of hot mix at 135°C
  • Compaction of hot mix at 125°C

Disadvantages of Hot Mix Technologies

  • Noise and air pollution
  • High energy consumption.
  • Limited working season- No work during rains and cold winters
  • Poor control of temperature in the field
  • Unsafe to workers and their health
  • Compromise with the durability of bitumen due to heating
  • Hazardous for public in general

Comparison of Fuel and Raw material consumption for Coldmix® and Hot Mix Technology

advantage of coldmix

The fuel saved in Coldmix® technology is more than 90% as compared to hot mix technology which is a national saving. 25,50,000 liters of diesel are saved constructing 1700 kms of roads using this technology, the present value of which is Rs 17,34,00,000. Additionally, Bitumen which is a natural resource is saved in Coldmix® technology.

Table showing progress calculation between Coldmix® and Hot mix

Price value of one Spot Mix Plant equivalent to 4 concrete mixers

advantage of coldmix