Open Graded Premix Carpeting (OGPC) & Seal Coat

Coldmix® OGPC technology is a highly engineered but simple & effective solution for paving rural roads, farm link roads, and low volume roads. Roads which require a durable all-weather surface measuring 2cm in thickness over the WBM or old bituminous surface with open-graded premix carpeting. This surface is an outcome of CRRI-Bitchem Coldmix® binders containing certain performance additives pre-mixed with graded aggregates (13.2mm & 11.2mm nominal size) in 2:1 ratio without pre-wetting either at concrete mixer or through modified HMP (Hot mix plant). It provides higher volume of construction and speedy completion of road by enhancing the quality of the surface to meet the specification of IRC: SP: 100-2014. To provide better performance of the surface, BitChem provides the binder available for finally sealing the surface with a premix seal coat of aggregates and achieving maximum sealing of the open pores as per IRC:SP:100-2014.