Bitchem Road Bind Anti-Stripping Agent

Roadbind: High heat-resistant, low-dose anti-stripping nanotech silicon for robust aggregates.

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Anti-Stripping Agent

Roadbind is a low dose and exceptionally heat resistant anti stripping agent which is based on nanotechnology silicon and is recommended for aggregates having very high and resilient to control stripping profile.

Roadbind is a brownish clear liquid at room temperature with characteristic citrous odour which is designed for use in Hot-Mix and Warm-Mix road constructions. This product is non-miscible with water and miscible with polar and hydrocarbon solvents due to its proprietary Fattypolyaminosilane chemical nature. This results in massive changes in chemical properties on paving bitumen of any grade (i.e VG-10, VG-30, VG-40, CRMB or PMB) as on addition, the bitumen becomes extremely receptive to aggregates and its bonding with aggregates becomes highly resistant to stripping even under extreme atmospheric conditions. However, it does not effect the physical properties of the treated bitumen like penetration, ductility, softening point etc. This ensures prolonged pavement durability without affecting the quality of work. The thermal stability of this product in hot bitumen at 1600C is over 15 days and no additional dose is required for pavement construction using Hot-Mix or Warm-Mix.

Recommended Rate of Application:


Type of Application

Quantity in Kg/MT of Bitumen

For Hot-Mix Asphalt

0.4 – 0.7 Kg/MT

For Warm-Mix Asphalt

1.0 – 3.0 Kg/MT


Limitation: Heating above 500 C and freezing must be avoided. Minimum exposure to air to be maintained. Cover eyes and wear protective gloves during handling and use and strictly avoid inhalation.


Shelf Life : 4 years from the date of production in sealed containers.

Anti-stripping agents are used for bituminous mixes and materials to ensure adhesion between bitumen and aggregates (hydrophilic), even when submerged in water. Better adhesion between aggregates and bitumen can be ensured through the usage of anti-stripping agents. Perfect adhesion between the binder and the stone elements prevents water from filtering between the two materials, causing premature aging of the bituminous mixture and leading to the formation of instabilities that decrease the pavement’s performances

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