Bitchem VG Grades Bitumen (VG-10, VG-30, VG-40 and Other Grades)

BitChem provides a diverse range of bitumen grades tailored to suit specific applications

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Bitumen VG-10, VG-30, VG-40 and Other Grades

BitChem offers a wide variety of grades of bitumen available as per applicability.

  • VG-10 - Suitable for paving roads in a very cold climate. The air temperature that matches VG10 bitumen ranges from -100C to 250C
  • VG-30 (BIS Licence Certified) - most widely used type of bitumen in road construction, insulation, building construction industries, and also in the production of cutback bitumen. Suitable for hot regions
  • VG-40 (BIS Licence Certified) – Suitable for areas with high traffic loads and for road construction in hot weather
  • 60/70 Refinery Embossed
  • 60/70 Grade - Similar in use as VG-30
  • 80/100 Grade – Similar in use as VG-10
  • 80/100 Jey Oil Refinery Embossed

Table 1 Requirements for Paving Bitumen


(Clause 6.2)


SI NO Characteristics Paving Grades Method of Test, Ref to
    VG10 VG20 VG30 VG40  
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
i Penetration at 25°C, 100 g, 5's, 0.1 mm, Min 80 60 50 35 IS 1203
ii Absolute viscosity at 60°C, Poises 800-1200 1600-2400 2400-3600 3200-4800 IS 1206 (Part 2)
iii Kinematic viscosity at 135°C, cSt, Min 250 300 350 400 IS 1206 (Part 3)
iv Flash point (Cleveland open cup), °C, Min 220 220 220 220 IS 1448[P: 69]
v Solubility in trichloroethylene, percent, Min 99.0 99.0 99.0 90 IS 1216
vi Softening point (R&B), °C. Min 40 45 41 50 IS 1205
vii Tests on residue from rolling thin film oven test:          
a Viscosity ratio at 60°C, Max 40 40 40 40 IS 1206 (Part 2)
b Ductility at 25°C. cm, Min 75 50 40 25 IS 1208

The vast majority of applications for bitumen products are in construction; one of the most useful qualities of bitumen – and the products derived from it – is as a barrier to water penetration. Around 10% of the global bitumen production goes into roofing, and another 5% goes into sealing and insulating materials such as paint, pipe coatings, and carpet tiles. There are many bitumen and bituminous products but typically they go into applications such as roofing, damp proofing, waterproofing, paints, car parks, road, runways, fence treatments, and so on. In the production of asphalt for road and highway surfacing, bitumen is used as a binder and combined with aggregates to create the top wearing surface. One of the main advantages of bituminous asphalt is that it is easily and relatively cheaply patched and repaired.

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